Pre-algebra is a great class, without a doubt. we learn plenty of information while having fun and learning new skills. I have definitely seen myself grow in this class. The question is: What do we do in Pre-algebra? I have put together a list of what we do in this class, so let’s get into it!


One of the biggest things we do in Pre-Algebra is note-taking. We are assigned the notes as homework, do the notes, and come to the next class to practice what we learned in the notes. One of the biggest thing I learn from the notes, aside from the math-related topic, is better note-taking skills and better self-management. How the notes help me with self-management is that the notes are done on our own time, and there is nobody telling us how exactly to do them. It is up to us how long the notes will take, and we have to make decisions such as how to arrange the notes, and how the notes will look. The notes are located on Haikuimg_7747


Classwork is what we do next in class. The classwork consists of different problems with different information from the notes. The problems are in different formats, to make sure we understand different aspects of the topic. We are able to work in groups on the classwork, so we are able to help make sure everyone understands the topic.


Quizzes And tests:

In class, we have quizzes and tests to measure our progress. The quizzes are over two or three recently learned topics, while tests are over whole units. These tests are a good way to make sure we fully know everything we have learned.


Exit Tickets

When we go to do our notes in Haiku, we also do an exit ticket. The Exit Ticket is a review of what we learned in the previous notes and previous class. The Exit Ticket is a way for Ms. Collins to measure out progress in the topic, and to make sure we are not struggling with our work.Notebook checks:img_7745

Notebook checks:

We have in class Notebook checks, to make sure everything is in the right place. This helps with organization, and makes sure everyone is on the same page. It is a good way to keep us all up to date in our notebooks.

Our Project:

In class we have been working on a project. We are making drawings using straight lines on a graph.Then, we are going to make the drawings into stained glass windows, after putting the plotted points into a computer graph. The windows will be sold at the end of the year to help the school.

In conclusion, we learn a lot in Pre-Algebra. Many of the skills and processes learned from the activities listed above help us grow as students. We are able to apply these skills outside of class, and in other classes. We learn a lot while having fun in Pre-Algebra!