Enjoying the class

X-tra Reps

Every day a workout

Reading about health

Curl ups, push-ups, crunches, Oh My!

In the gym, at the track, you name it!

Squats with the gym squad

Elevated heart rates


4 Reasons I love PE:

1) It is fun! PE is a great way to get away from classwork and sitting desks for 2 hours

2) It is a good way to get in workouts between sports and homework. I run Monday through Friday, and PE is a good way to get a workout in addition to that.

3) It is all about teamwork. PE is a good way to get to know classmates on another level, and become closer to them. We get to support one another in something other than schoolwork.

4) We get to play different games and learn different workouts. Lots of what we do in PE is about workouts and games. Almost every class we learn a new game or workout (or both!) and we write them in our journal to have for reference later.