As a Social Studies student, I think I have grown a lot this year. Ms. Mathai uses lots of  good ways to teach us about Social Studies, and here are a few.

We use role plays to simulate what certain situations were like, and add some different things or people to the situation to see how history could have gone. It is a fun way to make our classes more interesting and get to see a different side of history.

Another one of my favorite activities in this class are when we use modern day examples and compare them with events of the past. This allows us to learn more about modern and past situations at the same time with a new perspective.

Lastly, I enjoy our notes very much. They allow us to learn about history in a convenient way, and afterwards we can reference all of the information we learned. During the notes we have frequent discussions, and the notes are always followed by and activity to help our understanding of the topics.

In conclusion, I enjoy my Social Studies class very much. We have many fun ways of learning, with only a few of them listed above. Social Studies is a very fun class.