Recently in class, we have been creating lab reports. I have been working on a lab report with Betzy about Iron Nitrate and Sodium Bicarbonate. You can read my full lab report by clicking on this link.

My science lab report paper is currently in the process of “peer review.” Peer review is an important part of the scientific communication process in which an article is shared with experts in the field to read, check for accuracy, and make suggestions for improvement. Peer review helps make sure published science is correct and usable by others. I have submitted a draft of my report to my teacher, classmates, and experts in the field. I would like to invite you, my reader, to share in the peer review process by leaving a comment in the Comments section below with suggestions for how I can improve or thoughts on the current strengths of my paper.

I would rate my overall effort on this project so far as a 5/5, because I have been working very hard on my half of the lab report (so has Betzy), and I have worked very productively on my lab report. I have finished writing all of the parts of our lab report related to my substance, and lots of the other parts. I also helped my partner when she needed, help and she did the same for me.

One thing that was hard about this project so far was making the drawings in the lab report, because that requires a lot of patience, which I do not have. I was able to get  myself to finish the drawings, but it was fairly hard. I also found it difficult to figure out everything related to the unbalanced chemical formula, especially the drawing, since there are very many elements, atoms, and molecules in the formula.

As I continue to work on this project I plan to improve by changing the color of the font, filling in the blank information, and correcting anything rushed, including some of the writing and drawings. I may also change some of my descriptions of an element or substance.

One thing I would like help from you, the reader, to improve in my paper is finding grammatical errors, and how I could improve my writing and wording. I am not sure how to feel about my current writing, so I will need some help from you, the reader. Please comment any opinions or tips below!