Have you ever felt that Biomed isn’t for you? Many people think that Biomed is only for people who want a career in the science or medical field, but this is not true. Biomed is for everyone! In Biomed, you learn many skills and gain a lot of knowledge that will help you, whether in a job or in everyday life. There are many reasons to choose Biomed, but I have put together for you a few!

Reason 1, You learn things that will be very helpful anywhere and everywhere. In Biomed, you learn many skills, not just science-related topics. According to 10th grader Story Dornsife, “One of the most prevalent skills would be that we just learned adult, child, and infant CPR, which is a skill I honestly wish everyone had” You would also learn everyday health skills that would be helpful anywhere, and be useful for maintaining your own and others’ health. Many situation that happen in life (i.e. Someone having a cardiac arrest) where nobody knows what to do, and having a knowledgeable person in the situation can be the difference between life and death.

Reason 2
, You will learn to be great at note-taking, studying, and time management, since a majority of the information is learned through notes and studying. These notes are done in class, but the studying and unfinished notes are done on your own time, which will teach you to be efficient at note-taking and time management at the same time. Most of the Biomed students said their studying skills have improved drastically since they started Biomed. The time management will determine your workload, and the more you work on these two skills, the easier they will be in other classes and in college, whereas other, less experienced students, would most likely struggle more in these situations.

Reason 3, you will learn so much information, it’s *almost* (yes, almost) scary. While talking to Story, she told me all about the information she has learned, and how she looks back and realizes that there is a lot of it. She also informed me about how many people who are in Biomed for the skills, and plan on choosing a major that is unrelated to the medical field. A lot of people choose Biomed just to gain the knowledge about things like the body and how it works, or how to maintain a healthy status for yourself!

In conclusion, Biomed is not just for the future scientists and doctors of the world, but for everyone! There are many reasons to choose Biomed, including but limited to the skills, knowledge, and the help it will provide in other classes and college. and I hope you have brought Biomed into your consideration after reading this! Comment your pathway choice down below!!!


Shown above is a dissected sheep heart from a different school’s PLTW Biomed class. Similar things are done in the Ann Richards School’s  Biomed program, where you dissect sheep parts, cow eyeballs, and in some cases a pregnant rat or cat.