“Never let yourself get caught alone with a collywobble” Charlotte’s grandpa said. We had never really talked to each other that much before just now. I gave Charlotte a puzzled look and she shrugged back.  “Why’s that. And what is Collywobble?” I asked. “It’s a scary, horrible creature” He said. “It looks just like a person when it wants to, but when around it’s victims,  it turns into something no one has ever seen. It’s skin melts off like wax, revealing rotting, bloody skin. It has piercing eyes and sharp claws, almost like knives.” I wanted to seem polite, so I kept listening, but in my head, I was rolling my eyes. “And once you look at it, it’s like as much as you want to, you can’t run” “Interesting.” I replied. “And a collywobble lives for just one thing. It lives to get it’s victims alone and feast on their raw, bloody flesh and chomp on their bones. Once you’re alone with it, there’s no chance of surviving.” He said. “That was interesting, but don’t you think we’re a little old for ghost stories?” I was hoping he would go downstairs to watch TV or something so Charlotte and I could go back to playing our video game. I was almost considering getting up and going home since I was hungry, But I didn’t. I was far too freaked out to go anywhere alone at this time of night.

I have always been the kind of person to get freaked out at dumb, little-kid ghost stories. I could never watch horror movies, let alone walk alone at night. And let’s just say there’s a night light in my room. Of course now I have to sit here and politely listen to Charlotte’s grandpa tell a story about a flesh-eating demon. “They only ever eat people, and they always eat alone. Not even near another of it’s own kind. They want their special feast to be alone. And let me tell ya, if you see a collywobble, it’s the last thing you’ll ever see” he said in a voice that made chills go down my back. I looked out the window seeing darkness. How long had I been there? I had left when I got off the bus. I didn’t want to go to my house since my parents kept fighting. So I walked down the street to the nearest house. It was Chaarlotte’s. I barely knew her, but she’d seemed nice in school and when I came to her door, she was happy to have me over. She told me her parents were out of town, so her grandpa was watching her for the week, and that’s how I ended up here.


“It’s a lovely night. I’m going to walk the dog. Want to come?” He asked me. “No thanks, I’ll pass. I don’t feel too well” I replied. What I said was true, I didn’t feel too good, since I ate a few cookies earlier but there was something else. Something about him gave me a bad vibe. He had a ruthless look in his eyes. There was no way I was going anywhere with him. He got out his jacket and looked at Charlotte. “It’s a nice night isn’t it?” He said to her. “Sure is” she said back. He opened the door, sending crisp fall air inside. “Are you sure you don’t want to go?” “maybe some other time.” He stepped outside and closed the door.

“Man, he was scaring me there. Almost seemed like he was trying to get me alone” I said jokingly. She laughed too. “nah , he wouldn’t do that, he was just teasing you. Besides, we always take turns, He’s good about that. And tonight is my turn” she said and smiled at me. “What?” I still didn’t get it. “We’re finally alone” she said. She started giggling. She had on a creepy smile, almost like the cheshire cat. When I looked back up at her, the skin started dripping down her like sweat. “Alone with a collywobble. Only one way that can turn out”she said. Her grandpa’s description from earlier was right on par with what she looked like, just slightly more horrifying. Her skin was rotting and bloody. She had the sharpest claws, sharper than butcher knives, everything human about her was melting away. And her eyes, even as they were melting off of her looked hungry. Very hungry.