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“Never let yourself get caught alone with a collywobble” Charlotte’s grandpa said. We had never really talked to each other that much before just now. I gave Charlotte a puzzled look and she shrugged back.  “Why’s that. And what is Collywobble?” I asked. “It’s a scary, horrible creature” He said. “It looks just like a person when it wants to, but when around it’s victims,  it turns into something no one has ever seen. It’s skin melts off like wax, revealing rotting, bloody skin. It has piercing eyes and sharp claws, almost like knives.” I wanted to seem polite, so I kept listening, but in my head, I was rolling my eyes. “And once you look at it, it’s like as much as you want to, you can’t run” “Interesting.” I replied. “And a collywobble lives for just one thing. It lives to get it’s victims alone and feast on their raw, bloody flesh and chomp on their bones. Once you’re alone with it, there’s no chance of surviving.” He said. “That was interesting, but don’t you think we’re a little old for ghost stories?” I was hoping he would go downstairs to watch TV or something so Charlotte and I could go back to playing our video game. I was almost considering getting up and going home since I was hungry, But I didn’t. I was far too freaked out to go anywhere alone at this time of night.

I have always been the kind of person to get freaked out at dumb, little-kid ghost stories. I could never watch horror movies, let alone walk alone at night. And let’s just say there’s a night light in my room. Of course now I have to sit here and politely listen to Charlotte’s grandpa tell a story about a flesh-eating demon. “They only ever eat people, and they always eat alone. Not even near another of it’s own kind. They want their special feast to be alone. And let me tell ya, if you see a collywobble, it’s the last thing you’ll ever see” he said in a voice that made chills go down my back. I looked out the window seeing darkness. How long had I been there? I had left when I got off the bus. I didn’t want to go to my house since my parents kept fighting. So I walked down the street to the nearest house. It was Chaarlotte’s. I barely knew her, but she’d seemed nice in school and when I came to her door, she was happy to have me over. She told me her parents were out of town, so her grandpa was watching her for the week, and that’s how I ended up here.


“It’s a lovely night. I’m going to walk the dog. Want to come?” He asked me. “No thanks, I’ll pass. I don’t feel too well” I replied. What I said was true, I didn’t feel too good, since I ate a few cookies earlier but there was something else. Something about him gave me a bad vibe. He had a ruthless look in his eyes. There was no way I was going anywhere with him. He got out his jacket and looked at Charlotte. “It’s a nice night isn’t it?” He said to her. “Sure is” she said back. He opened the door, sending crisp fall air inside. “Are you sure you don’t want to go?” “maybe some other time.” He stepped outside and closed the door.

“Man, he was scaring me there. Almost seemed like he was trying to get me alone” I said jokingly. She laughed too. “nah , he wouldn’t do that, he was just teasing you. Besides, we always take turns, He’s good about that. And tonight is my turn” she said and smiled at me. “What?” I still didn’t get it. “We’re finally alone” she said. She started giggling. She had on a creepy smile, almost like the cheshire cat. When I looked back up at her, the skin started dripping down her like sweat. “Alone with a collywobble. Only one way that can turn out”she said. Her grandpa’s description from earlier was right on par with what she looked like, just slightly more horrifying. Her skin was rotting and bloody. She had the sharpest claws, sharper than butcher knives, everything human about her was melting away. And her eyes, even as they were melting off of her looked hungry. Very hungry.

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How to Create a Table With a Dry-Erase Surface

Are you looking to add a creative element to your home or workplace? Well look no further! As a recent school project, my partner, Haley, and I have created a table with a dry-erase surface, and decided to share the process with you.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating a whiteboard table, or any dry-erasable surface for that matter. We’ll be buying, painting, gluing, and testing.

What Will You Need for This Project?

  • A table of any size, shape, or height.
  • Rust-oleum dry-erase paint to create the dry erase surface (click here).
  • Dry-erase markers for writing on the whiteboard surface (click here).
  • Hot glue gun to attach markers and erasers if preferred (click here).
  • Paintbrushes to paint the surface and legs (click here).
  • Paint of your color-choice to paint the table if you’d like to (click here).
  • Dry erasers for erasing (click here).
  • A pillow or chair for seating.

Some of these supplies are optional, such as the paint, and the hot glue gun, and all of these supplies have alternatives that are either more or less expensive on websites such as Amazon (except for the paint, although it can be found on several other websites).

In this tutorial we will cover:

  • Checking the expiration date of the paint,
  • Prepping the surface to be painted,
  • Painting with the whiteboard paint,
  • Painting the legs of the table,
  • Attaching the markers and erasers.

Ready? Let’s get into it.

Step 1- Checking the expiration date of the paint:

For this step, you will need to be able to find the date of manufacturing. It is located on the bottom of the larger can of paint. Let’s suppose your can says P6118C. You would drop the first and last letters to get the number 6118. It would be as follows: YMDD, or January 18th, 2016. If you are within 1-2 years of the date, you should be good. If not, the paint is most likely expired, and it will not be at its full potential. Get it? If not, you can clink the link here for more information. Let’s move on.

Step 2- Prepping the surface to be painted:

Some of the surfaces you can paint with this paint are drywall, masonite, concrete, wood, and metal. If you have concrete, drywall, masonite, or metal, you don’t have to do much prepping. If you have wood, you should sand it first unless there is someting covering the surface already such as finising or paint. If so, you don’t have to do any prepping, but if you have an unfinished or unpainted surface, you will most likely have to sand it to make it smooth for the paint.

Step 3- Painting with the whiteboard paint:

There should be two cans of the paint: part A and part B. When the surface you’re going to paint is ready, open the two cans and mix them on a plate or in a cup (you may need a paint can opener for this step). When they get to be a uniform color and texture, you can begin to paint. The painting process should be done in less than 1-2 hours, since you do not want the paint to dry out. You can begin by simply painting the surface with any brush, preferably a foam or foam roller brush. You may see bubbles forming, but these can just be smoothed out. Once you have a thin but adequate layer, give it a good 15 minutes to dry a little. Repeat this process until you have 3 layers of paint on the surface. Give the paint about 3 days to dry before using it.

Step 4- Painting the legs of the table:

This step is completely optional; it is only if you’d like to paint your table legs. Using any paint and color, you can simply paint the legs. I used around two and a half layers of paint for this step, and painted each layer in the time I was letting the most recent whiteboard paint layer dry.

Step 5- Attaching the markers and erasers:

This step is also optional, depending how public the space you will be putting this in is. To attach the erasers, I tied a string around each eraser and used the hot glue gun to glue the end of the string to the bottom of the rim on the table. For the markers, I hot glued each lid around the bottom of the rim, too, and let it cool down and dry. This is so you could easily pull the marker out and put it back in, without being able to easily steal it.


Voila! You’re done! I hope you enjoyed thus tutorial and please be sure to leave any questions, comments, or concerns below, or simply tell me what you liked about this tutorial and how it worked out for you!



Language Arts Poetry

The Brussell Sprout: 

“I will not eat that Brussell Sprout”,

said Amy, who stuck up her snout.

A gross, green, leafy, salty bunch,

that has a certain vulgar crunch.

Over salted, under-seasoned.

She whined and begged and really reasoned.

On a nice blue and white striped plate,

sat Amy’s terrible, horrible fate.

In that big oak dining room,

Amy sensed impending doom.

The old rose:

You sat there patiently.

In that large waterford crystal vase, carved with intricate shapes and designs.

You were once vibrant and beautiful.

Your color as red as a fresh-picked summer strawberry, juicy and bright.

Your petals came together in a blissful display,

laid in perfect arrangement.

But now they’re all gone.

Your color has faded, your grace and beauty gone,

And yet you still sat there, patiently waiting.

Accident Prone:

Running fast, I should’ve seen

That extra stair, all slick and clean.

My foot was bound

To hit that ground,

and slide immediately on contact.

Then, really slowly, I began to fall

My pale, sweaty palms tried to grab the wall.

But I continued to descend,

into what I thought would be my violent end.

Then I collided with the cobblestone path,

and felt the sharp rocks’ painful wrath.

I looked down at the bloody stone,

and realized I was accident prone.

End Poem:

I dig through my brain.

Searching for a memory worthy of a poem.

Then I find it: The memory.

It causes an explosion of ideas, leaving a wake of thoughts.

I grab the nearest paper, and write, write, write.

When I have my ideas written down, I know I have it

Deeper than an essay, more descriptive than a story:

a poem.

History Blog Post

As a Social Studies student, I think I have grown a lot this year. Ms. Mathai uses lots of  good ways to teach us about Social Studies, and here are a few.

We use role plays to simulate what certain situations were like, and add some different things or people to the situation to see how history could have gone. It is a fun way to make our classes more interesting and get to see a different side of history.

Another one of my favorite activities in this class are when we use modern day examples and compare them with events of the past. This allows us to learn more about modern and past situations at the same time with a new perspective.

Lastly, I enjoy our notes very much. They allow us to learn about history in a convenient way, and afterwards we can reference all of the information we learned. During the notes we have frequent discussions, and the notes are always followed by and activity to help our understanding of the topics.

In conclusion, I enjoy my Social Studies class very much. We have many fun ways of learning, with only a few of them listed above. Social Studies is a very fun class.

What we do in Pre-Algebra

Pre-algebra is a great class, without a doubt. we learn plenty of information while having fun and learning new skills. I have definitely seen myself grow in this class. The question is: What do we do in Pre-algebra? I have put together a list of what we do in this class, so let’s get into it!


One of the biggest things we do in Pre-Algebra is note-taking. We are assigned the notes as homework, do the notes, and come to the next class to practice what we learned in the notes. One of the biggest thing I learn from the notes, aside from the math-related topic, is better note-taking skills and better self-management. How the notes help me with self-management is that the notes are done on our own time, and there is nobody telling us how exactly to do them. It is up to us how long the notes will take, and we have to make decisions such as how to arrange the notes, and how the notes will look. The notes are located on Haikuimg_7747


Classwork is what we do next in class. The classwork consists of different problems with different information from the notes. The problems are in different formats, to make sure we understand different aspects of the topic. We are able to work in groups on the classwork, so we are able to help make sure everyone understands the topic.


Quizzes And tests:

In class, we have quizzes and tests to measure our progress. The quizzes are over two or three recently learned topics, while tests are over whole units. These tests are a good way to make sure we fully know everything we have learned.


Exit Tickets

When we go to do our notes in Haiku, we also do an exit ticket. The Exit Ticket is a review of what we learned in the previous notes and previous class. The Exit Ticket is a way for Ms. Collins to measure out progress in the topic, and to make sure we are not struggling with our work.Notebook checks:img_7745

Notebook checks:

We have in class Notebook checks, to make sure everything is in the right place. This helps with organization, and makes sure everyone is on the same page. It is a good way to keep us all up to date in our notebooks.

Our Project:

In class we have been working on a project. We are making drawings using straight lines on a graph.Then, we are going to make the drawings into stained glass windows, after putting the plotted points into a computer graph. The windows will be sold at the end of the year to help the school.

In conclusion, we learn a lot in Pre-Algebra. Many of the skills and processes learned from the activities listed above help us grow as students. We are able to apply these skills outside of class, and in other classes. We learn a lot while having fun in Pre-Algebra!

Why I love PE

Enjoying the class

X-tra Reps

Every day a workout

Reading about health

Curl ups, push-ups, crunches, Oh My!

In the gym, at the track, you name it!

Squats with the gym squad

Elevated heart rates


4 Reasons I love PE:

1) It is fun! PE is a great way to get away from classwork and sitting desks for 2 hours

2) It is a good way to get in workouts between sports and homework. I run Monday through Friday, and PE is a good way to get a workout in addition to that.

3) It is all about teamwork. PE is a good way to get to know classmates on another level, and become closer to them. We get to support one another in something other than schoolwork.

4) We get to play different games and learn different workouts. Lots of what we do in PE is about workouts and games. Almost every class we learn a new game or workout (or both!) and we write them in our journal to have for reference later.

8th Grade Science Chemistry Lab Report: Iron Nitrate and Sodium Bicarbonate

Recently in class, we have been creating lab reports. I have been working on a lab report with Betzy about Iron Nitrate and Sodium Bicarbonate. You can read my full lab report by clicking on this link.

My science lab report paper is currently in the process of “peer review.” Peer review is an important part of the scientific communication process in which an article is shared with experts in the field to read, check for accuracy, and make suggestions for improvement. Peer review helps make sure published science is correct and usable by others. I have submitted a draft of my report to my teacher, classmates, and experts in the field. I would like to invite you, my reader, to share in the peer review process by leaving a comment in the Comments section below with suggestions for how I can improve or thoughts on the current strengths of my paper.

I would rate my overall effort on this project so far as a 5/5, because I have been working very hard on my half of the lab report (so has Betzy), and I have worked very productively on my lab report. I have finished writing all of the parts of our lab report related to my substance, and lots of the other parts. I also helped my partner when she needed, help and she did the same for me.

One thing that was hard about this project so far was making the drawings in the lab report, because that requires a lot of patience, which I do not have. I was able to get  myself to finish the drawings, but it was fairly hard. I also found it difficult to figure out everything related to the unbalanced chemical formula, especially the drawing, since there are very many elements, atoms, and molecules in the formula.

As I continue to work on this project I plan to improve by changing the color of the font, filling in the blank information, and correcting anything rushed, including some of the writing and drawings. I may also change some of my descriptions of an element or substance.

One thing I would like help from you, the reader, to improve in my paper is finding grammatical errors, and how I could improve my writing and wording. I am not sure how to feel about my current writing, so I will need some help from you, the reader. Please comment any opinions or tips below!

Three Reasons to Choose Biomedical Science

Have you ever felt that Biomed isn’t for you? Many people think that Biomed is only for people who want a career in the science or medical field, but this is not true. Biomed is for everyone! In Biomed, you learn many skills and gain a lot of knowledge that will help you, whether in a job or in everyday life. There are many reasons to choose Biomed, but I have put together for you a few!

Reason 1, You learn things that will be very helpful anywhere and everywhere. In Biomed, you learn many skills, not just science-related topics. According to 10th grader Story Dornsife, “One of the most prevalent skills would be that we just learned adult, child, and infant CPR, which is a skill I honestly wish everyone had” You would also learn everyday health skills that would be helpful anywhere, and be useful for maintaining your own and others’ health. Many situation that happen in life (i.e. Someone having a cardiac arrest) where nobody knows what to do, and having a knowledgeable person in the situation can be the difference between life and death.

Reason 2
, You will learn to be great at note-taking, studying, and time management, since a majority of the information is learned through notes and studying. These notes are done in class, but the studying and unfinished notes are done on your own time, which will teach you to be efficient at note-taking and time management at the same time. Most of the Biomed students said their studying skills have improved drastically since they started Biomed. The time management will determine your workload, and the more you work on these two skills, the easier they will be in other classes and in college, whereas other, less experienced students, would most likely struggle more in these situations.

Reason 3, you will learn so much information, it’s *almost* (yes, almost) scary. While talking to Story, she told me all about the information she has learned, and how she looks back and realizes that there is a lot of it. She also informed me about how many people who are in Biomed for the skills, and plan on choosing a major that is unrelated to the medical field. A lot of people choose Biomed just to gain the knowledge about things like the body and how it works, or how to maintain a healthy status for yourself!

In conclusion, Biomed is not just for the future scientists and doctors of the world, but for everyone! There are many reasons to choose Biomed, including but limited to the skills, knowledge, and the help it will provide in other classes and college. and I hope you have brought Biomed into your consideration after reading this! Comment your pathway choice down below!!!


Shown above is a dissected sheep heart from a different school’s PLTW Biomed class. Similar things are done in the Ann Richards School’s  Biomed program, where you dissect sheep parts, cow eyeballs, and in some cases a pregnant rat or cat.

4 Books That Grew me as a Reader

Reading leads to more adventures, new opportunities, and deeper horizons in your life, which you discover through the growth of new knowledge.




As a reader, I’m sure you have come across books that have caused you to grow. I, myself, have read many of these books, especially in the last 6 months. I have put together for all you readers a list of some of my recent reads that have grown me as a reader. Let’s get into it!


  1. Monster by Walter Dean Myers. I read Monster around late September, and have thought about it numerous times since. I feel that this book grew me as a reader, because it took me outside of my reading comfort zone. It is about a boy, Steven Harmon, who has been accused (falsely or not, you’ll have to read it to find out) of a crime, and the story follows him through his trial, while having flashbacks to reveal whether or whether not he committed the crime. One very interesting aspect of this book is that it is written in script form. It taught me to come out of my shell when picking my next novel, and expanded my reading boundaries.7119eceb444c322e9fdddbcf75935be6
  2. Out of my Mind by Sharon M. Draper. I first heard about this book from a friend in 4th grade. I kept pushing it off until I finally gave it a chance. I fell in love with it almost instantly, and I have read it about 4 times since then, the most recent being about 4 weeks ago. It is a very emotional piece, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is about a girl, Melody, with Cerebral Palsy. She is incredibly smart, but has never spoken a word in her life. Even when no one else believes in her, she remains hopeful and happy, and she goes on to do great things. This book changed the way I looked at books, people, animals, you name it. I learned to have an open mind, an open heart, and be less judgemental towards others.unknown-2
  3. The Giver by Lois Lowry. I’m sure you have already read this one, since most readers have, but I still had to mention it. It shows us readers that, if we aren’t careful, our surroundings can change us. In The Giver, all the people have lost the spark that gives them individuality. They live in a “perfect” society where things like jobs and families are chosen for you, and no one knows of any other style of life. This book kept me hooked, teaching me to go for some books on the popular side, because they are probably popular for a reason. It also taught me to never lose my individuality and always be myself. I continuously have this book on my mind.quotes-from-great-gatsby-book-literary-emporium-the-great-gatsby-4.jpeg
  4. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I technically read this one 7 months ago, but it is totally worth mentioning. This piece of writing taught me that not all older books are hard to understand (as previously thought), and I very much enjoyed it. It expanded my vocabulary, deepened my understanding of the English language and its use in older writings, and broadened my taste in books. It also taught me about life in the 20’s.


Similar books:

  1. The Catcher in The Rye
  2. Tender is the Night
  3. Gathering Blue
  4. Number the Stars
  5. Divergent








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